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On these pages are gathered about fifty examples of porch architecture, focusing on Neo-Classical, Federal, and other traditional styles indigenous or antecedent to the mid-Atlantic region.

The purpose of this presentation is to maintain an archive of quality architecture for reference by homeowners, builders, and architects.   Too often, the examples that we see in our daily lives are essentially hackwork, done quickly and cheaply by builders and developers who are interested more in fast money than in proportion, detail, and appropriateness, which are central to the art of architecture.

It is the contention of this author that the propagation of such works as models gradually devalues the public taste just as poor grammar diminishes the language and violent and amoral entertainment degrades the public sensibility.   Just my opinion, of course.   But I feel that whatever we disagree with, in any field, can be countered more effectively by example than by criticism.   Herewith, some examples:

Examples from the American South
Examples from Renaissance and Ancient Italy
Examples from the Washington area
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