Renaissance and Ancient Italy


p13 Villa Capra "La Rotonda" (Palladio), near Vicenza, Italy, mid 1500s

p14 Villa Barbaro (Palladio), Maser (Treviso), Italy, mid 1500s
p15 Villa Barbarigo, Noventa Vicentina (Vicenza), Italy, late 1500s

p16 Villa Cornaro (Palladio), near Padova, Italy, mid 1500s

Villa Cornaro, located in the village of Piombino Dese, near Padova about 30km from Venice, is a masterwork of Palladio's middle period. 

Constructed in 1552-53 for Giorgio Cornaro, younger son of a wealthy Venetian family, Villa Cornaro introduced to Western architecture the two-story projecting portico-loggia motif. Palladio's device influenced Western architecture for hundreds of years, becoming a recurrent feature in Georgian, Adamesque and Colonial American architecture. 

p20 Temple of Neptune, Paestum, Italy (Magna Graecia), 5th century B.C.

Characteristic of the earliest, almost primitive Greek Doric architecture, the temples at Paestum
nonetheless manage to astonish with their beauty, majesty, and solidity.

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