Additional Washington area examples

An unusually successful example of an enclosed front entry addition in Kenwood.
While it barely fits under the second-story window, the enclosure itself is finely-detailed
and the facade's overall proportions are masterful.  If anything, the entry enclosure
could have been slightly more horizontal.


A typical situation involving a three-bay traditional facade.  
The portico is well-proportioned except for its columns which are slightly too thin, 
and the entablature has been slightly compressed to fit underneath the second-floor window.  
Follow this link for a discussion on column proportions.


The typical triangular entry portico.  Square pillars work nicely in this example.  However, the porch's
roof pitch is too steep and just fits in between windows above.  Were there a window directly over the porch,
the porch wouldn't have fit at all. 


This example is under construction as of this writing.  It's a good example of how paired columns can
provide a solution to screening requirements or, as in this case, mediating between disparate facade
elements while bridging overly large spaces in fenestration layouts. 

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