Democracy in the Third World


  Activists from Jamaat-e-Islami, Bangladesh’s largest Islamic political party, and the Bangladesh National Party celebrated Democracy with supporters of the Awami League in Rajshahi on Sunday.

Right now there are about 1.4 billion Indians, 200 million Pakistanis, and 160 million Bangladeshis.  Together they have created one of the largest third-world hellholes on the planet: Subcontinent Asia.

All told this is nearly two billion Americans who, inexplicably, haven't made it to the USA yet.

As patriotic Americans, our duty is clear... a flotilla of boats, planes, trains, everything we can muster in order to get these enlightened celebrators of Democracy back to the Motherland they've never even seen yet.

So far, we've only got tens of millions of them here.
Disgracefully lax, don't you think?

  Local constables assist the citizens in exercising their voting rights

Here's the Official Version (NYT)

Only the photos remain the same :)

What say you?

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