Jennifer Rubin:
Ruth Marcus's Partner in Crime

"Presstitutes Extraordinaire"

The Washington Post has truly become a nexus of the Warmongering,
Israel-first, Anti-America, Anti-free-speech crowd.

It's not even Israel that she cares about, because if she really cared about Israel she'd temper her vicious, bloodthirsty hatemongering.  After all, it makes her ilk--and Israel--look bad.  What she really cares about is good Old-Testament genocide--against anyone who gets in the way of the Jewish Right Wing and--especially--against Americans who fail to toe the line for "God's Chosen People".

An article on the warmongering Jennifer Rubin
(it's not as though she'll ever have to fight!)
from Ron Unz's excellent new site:

A New Year Just Like the Old Year

Good discussion ensues, especially from commenters Phil, Fran, and Oscar.  It's always noteworthy that America's #1 recipient of political and financial largesse (or you could say, its principal obsession) is a nation which at its core and in its behavior is exactly antithetical to America's founding principles.  It's so unlikely, and yet so untouchable a topic, that you couldn't make it up--no one would believe you.

BTW, the billions of taxpayer dollars rained down upon this one tiny country pale in comparison with the megabillions extracted from the American economy by the likes of Madoff, Schultz, Ellison, Merkin, and Adelson, and used to finance the worst crimes committed by Israel.  Congress, in its endless wisdom, finds fit to implement no controls whatever upon these megatransfers of American wealth.  (But if you contribute a single dollar to human-rights organizations in support of the Palestinians, you will spend the rest of your life in jail.)

(In case you're wondering where the Madoff billions ended up)

Jennifer Rubin isn't one of these neo-cons who will happily see to the destruction of the United States if it furthers the aims of the Chosen People--she's one who wants to see the United States destroyed anyway.

Wikipedia notes on this particular Presstitute:

Rubin's move to the Washington Post in November 2010 became a national news story and was discussed by the media on all sides of the political spectrum, ranging from The American Conservative and the Weekly Standard, to Salon Magazine and the Slate magazine.  She was included on the list of "50 Most Influential American Jews" by The Forward, a right-wing Jewish Newspaper.[5]

Political views

Slate blogger David Weigel called Rubin "one of the right’s most prolific online political writers".[6] The Commentary editor John Podhoretz writes that Rubin "labored daily from her home in suburban Virginia [...] never missing a news story, never missing an op-ed column, reading everything and digesting everything and commenting on everything. She is a phenomenon, especially considering that for the first two decades of her working life, she was not a writer or a journalist but a lawyer specializing in labor issues [..]".[7] In welcoming remarks, The Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt writes that "her provocative writing has become 'must read' material for news and policy makers and avid political watchers."[8]

Rubin's political views are widely characterized as conservative.[9][10] She was also called a supporter of Tea Party movement.[11] She has opposed Barack Obama on multiple occasions, calling him “the most anti-Israel U.S. president (ever),”[12] and writing that “Obama isn’t moderate, doesn’t like the free market, and isn’t interested in waging a robust war on Islamic fundamentalists.”[13] Rubin consistently supports the Likud government and other conservative factions in Israel, and has been a harsh critic of Hamas and of the PLO leadership.[14][15][16][17][18]


In January 2010, Rubin authored an article for Commentary Magazine asking "Why Jews Hate Sarah Palin".[20] The article was criticized by Heather Horn writing in The Atlantic as "illogical, poorly-argued, and anti-Semitic".[21]

After joining the Washington Post, Rubin drew criticism in the wake of the 2011 Norway attacks after she wrote incorrectly that the attacks were carried out by Islamic jihadists.[22] In a follow-up column,[23] Rubin acknowledged that her decision to blame Muslim extremists for the Norway attacks was "premature", but she did not apologize for her remarks nor did she condemn the right-wing anti-Muslim ideology that motivated the attacker, Anders Behring Breivik.  Predictably enough, Jeffrey Goldberg defended Rubin's initial article that falsely accused Muslims of perpetrating the attack.[24]

Rubin used her blog to accuse the Occupy Wall Street movement of anti-semitism.[25] In her posts Rubin promoted a video by the Emergency Committee for Israel that purported to show anti-semitism at the Occupy Wall Street protest.  Critics of Rubin have described her portrayal of the protest movement as inaccurate, noting that the large number of Jews affiliated with the movement, the confrontations between OWS protestors and anti-semites, and the financial ties between the Emergency Committee for Israel and Wall Street firms.[26] Others noted that Rubin's primary example of what she calls "anti-semitism" was actually a mentally unstable homeless man unaffiliated with the OWS movement who has been wandering the lower Manhattan financial district for years.[27]

In Oct 2011, Rubin again drew criticism for tweeting a post by Rachel Abrams, which some have interpreted as a call for genocide against the Palestinian people. Liberal Jewish advocacy group J Street described the blog post as an "unhinged rant filled with incitement and hate speech".[28]  Beirut's English language newspaper Al-Akhbar ran a story by Max Blumenthal headlined "Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin promotes call for Palestinian genocide",[29] whereas Media Matters Senior Foreign Policy Fellow M.J. Rosenberg argued that Rubin's support for such a position should disqualify her from writing for the Washington Post.[30]

On November 7, 2012, following the presidential election, Rubin published a 'post-mortem' column criticizing the unsuccessful Mitt Romney campaign as ineffectual.[31] In response, others criticized Rubin as having been disingenuous or misleading during her pre-election coverage of the 2012 campaign. This was because Rubin had previously praised the Romney campaign for the same areas she found fault with after the election was over. [32

In August 2013, former Washington Post ombudsman Patrick Pexton, in an open letter to new Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos under a section titled "The Ugly" called for Rubin to be fired, calling her columns "shallow and predictable" and "at best...political pornography." He added that "she is often wrong, and rarely acknowledges it"[35] Pexton finished with:

Rubin was the No. 1 source of complaint mail about any single Post staffer while I was ombudsman, and I’m leaving out the organized email campaigns against her by leftie groups like Media Matters. Thinking conservatives didn’t like her, thinking moderates didn’t like her, government workers who knew her arguments to be unfair didn’t like her. Dump her like a dull tome on the Amazon Bargain Books page.[35]
So: how looney does a neocon have to be to make the zionists at the New Yorker and the New York Times look reasonable?

Nothing matters but the Tribe.  Nothing.

What say you?

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