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Here's a Fox News affiliate on the new postal service mailing rates.
Notice that (characteristically) they have trouble with the English language:

Now here's the image the mass media will never show you:

What happens when inflation gets out of hand?
The German financial disaster of the 1920s.
It set the stage for...well, depends on whom you ask.

Notice that in America today we don't (can't?) even bother putting the value on stamps anymore.  Too much trouble to print new ones when the value "changes"... so we have "forever" stamps.  It's a neat trick to fool people into thinking they can keep up with inflation.

Would you believe, the cost to mail a first-class letter remained exactly the same from 1851 until 1958?
Now it increases every couple of years or so...and we've grown to expect it.

What say you?

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