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 Who Remembers the Church Burnings of the 1990s?

 As always, the MSM works the masses into a racist frenzy with breathless reporting about evil whites victimizing defenseless blacks.  Example after example is front-page news!  Then someone more responsible comes along, awhile afterward, and points out that the frenzy is yet another media race hoax.  The MSM generally ignores him.

Michael Fumento (Dec 1996):

In a three-day series comprising twelve articles by thirteen reporters, the newspaper (USA Today)analyzed the fires case-by-case and arrived at conclusions that contradicted what its reporters had been writing for months. Far from there having only been "an average of one [black church arson] a year between 1987 and 1994" in the South, as Fields reported on March 1, the newspaper now presented a chart showing thirteen such fires in 1990, sixteen in 1991, ten in 1992, eleven in 1993 and 1994. Fields had claimed "all the church burnings" occurred in the South, but now the paper estimated there had been 780 church burnings in the United States since 1995.  Only 144 of these took place in eleven Southern states.

More surprisingly, of these 144 fires, eighty were of white churches; sixty-four were black.  Despite the repeated admonitions that the fires were primarily racially driven, the paper now retreated: "Analysis of the 64 [black church] fires since 1995 shows only four can be conclusively shown to be racially motivated."  Of the thirty people arrested in connection with these fires, ten were black.


The CDR stuck to its guns, too. After I published a July 8 Wall Street Journal article (please see Michael Fumentoís article, "A Church Arson Epidemic? Itís Smoke and Mirrors.") outlining many of the errors and distortions of USA Todayís coverage, CDR board President JoAnn Watson responded with a letter to the editor that didnít refute any of my points. Instead, she concluded, "We think that epidemic or not, even one church torched because of racial hatred is one too many." This was the same Watson who had told an AP reporter on March 28 that the church burnings were "domestic terrorism," adding: "It is not an isolated phenomenon. Itís an epidemic. Itís a pattern thatís very clear."

Update: http://www.unz.com/isteve/another-fake-news-hate-hoax-exposed/

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