Daily News: Stamp out Whiteness! 

In an angry, hate-filled, racist screed in New York's Daily News (America's fifth-largest newspaper, owned by tribalist hatemonger and real-estate developer Mortimer Zuckerman), columnist Filip Bondy condemns the young women of Team USA Soccer for being--you guessed it--too white.

"U.S. women's soccer team in serious need of ethnic, racial diversity"

Swarthiness and suntans definitely aren't enough.  These white girls--despite their winning record--must be punished for being white.  It's part and parcel of the MSM's Search-and-Destroy mission to eliminate any vestiges of whiteness in  America, no matter how obscure or innocuous.

"The U.S. women's soccer team defeated Colombia on Monday night, 2-0, advancing to the quarterfinals of the World Cup, which was nice. But there was also something out there in the Edmonton stadium that was both striking and disturbing."


Bondy quotes
Brazilian Julio Cesar, who coaches soccer in New Jersey (even though the point of the piece is supposed to be that there aren't enough immigrant or minority coaches):

"I don't really enjoy watching the American women play. It's not attractive." 

Bondy further laments:
"In any case, the American women continue to win ugly matches at this World Cup"

There you have it.  White girls may win on the merits, but they
are "ugly" and "not attractive"
... See the photo above; judge for yourself

Now just imagine if they had said anything remotely similar about any of America's approved minorities.  Just imagine.

It's the MSM's worst nightmare: An all-white sports team that wins. Wins over third-world countries at sports the third world is supposed to be good at.
It's their worst nightmare.

These girls are at the pinnacle of their sport, arrived at through year after year of incredibly hard work.  But they're white.  So we condemn them.

This is America in 2015.

And if all of this weren't weird enough, Bondy ends by explaining why China's team is bound to lose:

"Like the Americans, China also doesn't have the diversity."

I daresay Bondy isn't rooting for the Americans.

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What say you?

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