The face of Black Entitlement

Those of us who have lived in cities with significant black populations have seen this face thousands of times.  Angry, unreasoning; unpredictably and hideously violent.  A defiant, self-satisfied smirk which attests both to cultural privilege and to cultural vacuity.  Typically born to teenaged, uneducated, single mothers who--despite being fantastically unequipped to raise children--are publicly financed to have as many as possible.  Typically fatherless and raised by 'the streets' rather than in a family.

Taught by everyone--from friends and school to the ever-present mass media--that white people are the cause of every one of his problems.  Taught that he himself is never responsible for anything that happens in his life.

ceiving an unmistakable  rostro de la muerte from an 'undocumented vibrant' and the leisure-class EWM on the right is probably walking into his next mugging. I can't wait until these people are gone, right?

Update: The Post was finally forced to come clean

What say you?

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