Who Opened the Borders in the First Place?

"I really don't know why Ted Kennedy did what he did on immigration."

--ROY BECK, CEO & Founder of NumbersUSA 

Well, first of all, it's important to know something basic about the Kennedys--all of them.  They were supremely political creatures, and masters at knowing which way the winds were blowing.  True, at times they also helped to guide those winds but keep in mind that even their most accomplished member--JFK--is revered today for things he had little to do with, and in some cases was quite ambivalent about.  Consider that photos of JFK are still on the wall of many an elderly black woman's living room, along with Lincoln, Martin Luther King ...and Malcolm X if she's 'edgy'.  Yet JFK had little to do with civil rights issues, considering them at most distractions from his primary agendas.  It was LBJ who actually rammed through serious civil-rights legislation, yet you'll search far and wide before finding a black living room with a photo of LBJ on the wall.

Teddy Kennedy was a distant third among the three Kennedy brothers in the 1960s, and he knew it.  If it weren't for his brothers, he wouldn't have been a senator in the first place.  And he knew it.  So, how to distinguish himself and burnish his own civil-rights cred after Jack's assassination and LBJ's ascent to the throne?  LBJ, after all, had altered the course of history with his landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964.  How could the weakest Kennedy compete?

Well, it turns out that there were forces waiting in the wings for just such an opportunity.  Forces which had been at work for decades, anticipating such a chance and laying the groundwork--social, political, and legal--for action.  Several decades of :mass-media programming (television, movies, magazines, newspapers, books) softened Americans' views of immigration and especially of selective immigration to the point where anyone who suggested that the nation should consider its own welfare when setting immigration policy was instantly reviled as a fascist and racist: written out of 'polite society'.

It's safe to say that Ted Kennedy, much less the majority of Americans, didn't know and didn't much care about the details of the Hart-Cellar Act.  The main objective of which was the disempowering, disenfranchising, and ultimately the dispossession of the people who had created the United States of America and made her great.

So, who was behind the opening of the borders, and what was their motivation?
Here I refer readers to a recent essay at The Right Stuff:

Who Opened the Borders?

Correction: As of January 2018, TheRightStuff.biz has been 'deplatformed' so that link no longer works.
I found what I believe to be the same file here on a blog by the same name:

 And mind you, the issue is critical.  Whites are in the process of becoming a minority in America--indeed, in all white countries--and it's hardly by mistake.  More to the point, the grievances (real and imagined) of various non-white groups are being systematically stoked to white-hot anger in the ((controlled)) mass media with the result that once whites lose power they will be subjected to unimaginable depredations, up to and including slavery.  Never mind that the vast majority of these grievance-mongers and their ancestors never even lived in America until these recent immigration revisions.  It won't matter.  Only one group of people--who call themselves white only when it's convenient--will prevail with their notorious 'divide and conquer' strategy over the people who once made America the greatest nation on earth.

Update! Read more about the single most important issue facing our nation from the redoubtable John Derbyshire at VDARE.COM.

What say you?

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